Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Have we really understood mental health?

                        Image by Finn via Unsplash
Before reading: these are based majorly on my opinions followed by my research on the topic. However, I recommend everyone to conduct additional research after having read this, as I am not a professional and even I’m new to learning this. Please get in touch with me if you encounter anything wrong in this content.
Use of self-harming terms that might be disturbing for some readers.
This week has added another topic in our chat groups and social media feeds. And as we continue to stay indoors, every topic we’re currently discussing has significantly occupied more of our time than it would do in our “normal days.” As a consumer on the internet, I’m usually very disturbed by the contents that float around every day. I don’t tend to react a lot on everything, but I can’t help it anymore and I feel like I should express what I feel about the whole mental health scenario. I write this with concern for any people in my circle, or beyond, who have experienced it and to the people who know of anyone who’s suffering.