Saturday, February 9, 2019

h o n e y

one day,
you'll come to my room 

where I'm creating chaos
out of my hands by blending colours 
that remind me of you

and say,
"this not right"

I won't say a word then
for I know rage can create ashes, 
even of things we love.

* * *

one day,
you'll bring a knife to my room
as soon as you see me
comb my freshly trimmed ringlets,
and say,
"take this to cut your hair."

I won't do a thing then
for I know what a knife is merely used for.

* * *

and one day,
you'll try to pretend 
like you're leaving me behind
taking all the over-sized shirts we shared 
in your suitcase and not waving me goodbye.

and you must have mistaken I'd call your name,
when you looked back at me confusingly

but I'll do nothing again
for I'm too busy sipping my morning tea,

how can you enter my space and
tell me to distort it?

even when I know it's alright.

it's alright,
for I have been living this way

my whole life.


and honey,
you are too sweet for me anyway.

inspired by "honey"s who are always after some people & constantly tell them how things should be.

here's my art & stuff account: All My Art 

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