Sunday, January 6, 2019


it's probably what I feel builds me 
after I'm broken, the remains come together again
one by one to form a new me,
like ashes of a phoenix coming back together.

just to understand what rebirth is,
you took my life the first time.

your words never made sense
until I survive to this day
just so I can kill myself understanding them.

your friend
all tied up above my head
I set them free. 
they don't belong to me,
they never did,
they dwell with you 
for you are the one
who likes them for who they are.

a lesson learned
 for holding back things
within my palms where nothing fits.
shouldn't have tried 
to ask them to stay
when they were never meant to.

the more I stare at myself,
the more my reflection recites the tales
of how you locked yourself within me

those remains
I thought were mine

but figured I'm more of what you've left of you in me.