Sunday, November 4, 2018

plan with me | november 2018


I hope you're doing well this season. I had mine amazing and occupied with festival and traveling plans. Sorry for being gone for so long. I had a couple of posts planned and worked but wasn't able to share it with you all. I hope to do so soon though.

Nevertheless here I am again, back with a plan with me post. After all, plan with me is the only series I can't afford to miss posting on my blog.  I have so much trying them out and sharing here hoping it helps you all in a way.

So, who's excited? 

// Oh, so it's just me ... sad face //

Alright, alright! Cutting off my dramatic skills, let's get this tour started!

I wasn't quite sure what theme to opt fort this November. This is a last minute impromptu journal. The only thing I had on my mind was "nutritious november". I just wanted to make sure that this journal would keep pushing me to grow even when I lack my will to do so. And I really need the power this season to catch up with things that I have been neglecting. I know that nutritious sounds weird but that's the best thing I could come up at the eleventh hour which fits my mood and alliterates November. 

I began by pasting pieces of black paper and some cutouts of my brush lettering on a similar paper. Then I doodled some wild flowers to signify growth. The icons are drawn randomly just to remind me of couple of things. 

no rain, no flowers

I thought of ditching the whole overview of the month section that I previously used to do. That wasn't quite handy. And the main objective of having a planner is to increase productivity, not to waste time and effort on things that won't be necessary, so I had to bid goodbye.

Adding quotes on weekly spread with minimal doodles was my long overdue idea, I wanted to try on my journal.

So, here's me finally implementing it on my journal.

No rain, no flowers was just the phrase I was looking for. I found it on pinterest and thought of doodling it.


Further, I plan to add powerful phrases and doodles along it. 

This month has been all about letting myself grow more. I'm saying goodbye to my healing period. I know we'll meet again soon but it's not now. So, my friend, you need to leave. Thanks for the lessons! (:

Also, did you notice the change in the music for this blog?

Looks like someone finally got to go through her favorite soundcloud playlists. I have been wanting to share beautiful songs through this blog but you know, laziness happens. I'm thinking of updating them along my mood haha. 

This one's my favorite from The Phosphenes. Hope you enjoy! 

Do suggest me your favorite songs, hopefully I can share it with the visitors on this blog.

Alright, I'm taking my leave. See you soon. 

love & hugs,

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