Sunday, September 16, 2018

modern kindness

I don't know if I should visit those places
where you've just erupted,
and destroyed the areas
where I was supposed to build a home.

have you ever wondered
how it feels to know
about your words
that asked me for help
weren't real  

where do I belong in this
world full of lies
guarded by your theatrical skills ?

what has this age come to be
where mothers tell their daughters
not to love
and fathers teach their sons
to hide what they feel.

can I ever be that kind again
if I cross the same eyes
that once lured me into sympathy
for the things that didn't exist ?

you turned my heart
into a monument of rocks

but if I let things stay the same
I'll lose myself within the rocks

so one by one I dismantle them
for the modern times have taught me
to break things that capture my essence

so in future, I want to turn into a monument
not the one built with rocks
but the one stood with


inspired by the world,
the people,
and my ability to fall for everything.


  1. i was all serious until the facepalm 😂😂

  2. Soooooo trrruuuuueeeeee ❤️��

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