Friday, August 31, 2018

plan with me | september 2018

I need some space this september.
Yup, that's exactly what I need now! 
So, here's my planner setup based on this interesting theme that I always wanted to tryout. 
I hope you enjoy going through this and find this helpful for your own journal.

This is my dashboard kinda page for my journal, I call this my "September Stuff - page". I thought of adding the basic monthly spread to track all my events at one place. I also added a quote that I found on pinterest to complete the look.

This page belongs to my financial tracker. I thought of adding one that can help me easily compare my spendings and savings in a month. 

This page contains one of my favorite quotes which comes from Carl Sagan. I love how it sounds and the meaning behind it. This is truly inspiring for me and I couldn't think of a better page to have this on.

Lastly, this is my weekly spread layout. I wanted to try out the horizontal space for each days this month. If you remember my last post, it was vertical. So, just for a change I thought of using this one.

Alright! That's a wrap for my September edition bullet journal setup. I got pretty good responses for the last one. I hope to improve on my journaling journey and bring more of this series. 

till then,
happy journaling!
Thank you for being here! (:
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  1. Amazinggg! And the music playing on the background makes the journal look more aesthetic!
    All the best!