Wednesday, August 1, 2018

plan with me | august 2018

you are the leaves in my branches
that were gone last autumn,
I stand still waiting for spring to come
go through that season,
blossom until you decide to wither
and leave me again.

initial design for the cover page

For this week, I wanted to share my bullet journal on this blog. If you read my blogs, you might know that I try to eliminate my lazy-ness and try to be more active in fields I'm interested in and then I ultimately fail. Well, I'm back to the grounds again but this time, I've promised to make this bullet journal thing happen for real and for good. 

Alright, enough with my babbling now let's get into this stuff.

I use the Bhav ringed notebook in grid and I love it so much. It can hold up my tiny pen that I got for this journal. The only thing that acts as a cons is that it is difficult to write besides the ring.

added details
Before I begin, I decided to dwell with the theme of autumn and the beauty of falling leaves. I've always loved the part when nature advises you to let go of things when the time comes. So the color palette, mix of yellow and orange, is kind of like a tribute for this lesson our mothers teaches us every year.

As you can see, I started with a basic lettering of the month's name. I added some details using my orange pencil color.

final cover page for the month
For more detailing, I added some leaves and a piece of my poetry. And this completed my desired look for this season.

dashboard for august
This is my dashboard for the month where I get to post everything that crosses my mind over the time period. I intend to fill this page full of ideas and graphics. And let's hope I can make it happen. 

daily log design
After directly experimenting with my planner and kind of disappointing myself, finally here's my ideal theme of daily log. I went with the simple pattern else it would be too flashy and that's definitely not my style. 

weekly goals additional design

m a t e r i a l s   u s e d .

I used some of my fine liners depending upon my need of the stroke's thickness. 

My unused collection of pencil colors were finally brought to life after a while. Yay!

I used my handy tombow brushes of the theme colors.

And last yet the most important instruments I own. 


Thank you so much for reading till the end! I hope you enjoyed this post.
If you did, let me know so that I can post more of these soon. 

love & hugs,


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