Friday, August 24, 2018

a list of maybes.

for all the things that have been here
and those that are yet to be found,

maybe I could be at that moment I keep on wishing I were
and still end up ruining things.

my regrets are just a bunch of my nightmares
which I knew were coming but didn't believe they would be true.

maybe I can't ever forget you
because you live in everything I create.

maybe we both wanted the same things in a different way
like how he prefers chocolate & she craves for ice cream for dessert.

maybe these emotions are nothing real
but an illusion of fictional reality.

maybe I live among the demons that are chased every morning
by the light of not the sun but my will of getting past them.

this list might never come to an end,
maybe because we keep thinking of thousand possibilities
for only one choice that has to be made. 

maybe, just maybe.

* * *

with the flowing river of seconds, I recall our adventures in the woods.
thank you for the original picture,
& hope you're doing good, my dear friend,


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the weather here is usually showering with ideas and learning.

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thank you for coming to my land.

and I hope to visit yours too.

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