Sunday, June 10, 2018

V I B R A N T | with swarnima.

spring comes with birthdays.
birthdays of the flowers that went dry this winter,
scents that disappeared in the fogs,
and colors that desaturated with the change.

The season encourages almost everyone to flow with the weather change. Personally, I feel like there isn't the right time for a change but if the vibes around us are encouraging, that could be a bit helpful. So, this season, for a change, I was thinking of expanding the type of blogs I present. And with a promising note, here's my first ever collaboration on this blog!

This spring, I thought about sharing the vibrant vibes of the colors with you all. For this to happen, I teamed up with the talented Swarnima Shrestha. We've known each other since we were in high school. Although she was my junior at school, we connected instantly after we both discovered our mutual appreciation for designs. Ever since that spark, we've been each other's constructive guides & amazing friends. And it has been an honor to work together with her for a challenging project as such. 
The best thing about collaborations is, you don't have to do everything by yourself.
some badges
For this collaboration, we thought about experimenting with stickers and badges for spring. We wanted to include the colors of spring in our project as we're so indulged by the dark colors these days.

Believing there is vibrancy even in the monochrome colors and we respect the strong impact it has on us, so we decided to release a few badges based on that color combination.

some stickers
Here's to a change in the colors we use. As the spring hues are meant to represent joy and positivity through its bright shades, we thought about taking this as an inspiration for our designs. We believe that spring color palette don't necessarily have to be inclined towards feminism only. One doesn't
have to be feminine to accept them and it's sad to see that these shades are labeled as "girly colors".

We were lucky to experiment these products for a while and the feedback we got were as expected. People called these designs girly, which is true as per humans have labeled the color into gender categories. But this feedback didn't let us down, it had us more encouraged to continue this project.

sample stickers 

And that's because we were fueled by:
Why can't men accept the bright colors?
Spring is for everyone, the fun, the joy, and everything that comes with it. But when it comes to the colors that bring spring in the first place, why isn't it "manly" and only feminine?

We, humans, have self categorized colors into genders because if it was the work of nature, every male animal would have been colored in a dark shade. And surprisingly, male peacocks are colored in an iridescent shade and maybe this contradicts every color we've been calling "feminine".

I just want to give this message that it doesn't matter who you are to accept the colors that are found in the nature. Nothing in this world is feminine or manly enough to not accept it proudly. And when it comes to the colors, c'mon guys, show some respect, if you were colorblind would you really mind if a flower was blue or pink? 

The Journal Sticker Pack
This has been more than just an experiment with badges and journal stickers for us. I realized I wasn't only creating products but gathering every bit of thoughts that I met in the process. 

Swarnima & I personally experimented the products and constantly asked ourselves if we'd buy this if it were a choice. We always dreamt about journal stickers being available nearby and we're so glad that we made this happen for a while. We really hope the journal enthusiasts would love the goodies and appreciate their feedback in any forms.


Place your order at Swarnima's Art Profile. 

Little Things, Kathmandu: DM their Instagram page or visit their store at Jhamsikhel. 



This blog post can't be complete without thanking our friend, Angela for being there at almost every meetings we had, for capturing our pictures, and for constantly calming us down. We love you.

Here's another big virtual hug to Little Things for providing us space in your cozy shop! Thank you, Abha didi for adopting me! Hahaha (alright, I had to be a bit lame)

And thank you for reading! (:


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  2. My two biggest inspirations collaborating? Couldnt ask for more. ❤🌻🍃