Sunday, April 8, 2018

lilac callings.

Marine Drive, Mumbai, 2016.

waking up to your soft whispers,
this morning, I find myself reciting tales,
with words I wouldn't say even when I'm drunk.

you're there, 
telling me to go back for the moments I choose to forfeit.
telling me I can fix the broken things back together.
telling me these regrets are nothing but just illusions.

the lilac eyes of yours cross through my black ones.
for just a few seconds, I stare at them.

they rush emotions of the time I first ran my hands through musical strings,
or the times my cheeks hurt for laughing too much,
or the views of the natural paintings I almost forgot I had envisioned.

the thing about being in a world with limited vacations is sometimes I forget that this daily routine is not mandatory. this daily rush to catch things that don't even make any sense sometimes, is not something I have to do anyhow. it's my choice. it's your choice.

when I grow out of this feeling, I know that's when you come up.

whisper to me every morning,
it's completely okay to live this day your way.

your lilac carries me to the minutes when I first came to know what's being innocent is; not knowing about things that matter tomorrow, just accepting what I have today.

but when you tell me that everything doesn't always work the same way,
 and bring back the harsh reality right at my mirror when I'm staring at you,

that's when I realize,
you & I,
we're no different;
you're just a shade of purple of mine,

calling through your lilac voice,
some mornings for adventures that I tend to refuse usually,
just to remind me of things that the other colored me forgets.

Thanks for being here! (:

hope this reminds you to take that plunge you have in your mind since days.


  1. Everytime I finish reading your thoughts, i feel like there's always somebody whom i can relate to i dont know maybe in somewhat emotional ** level(that might have sounded cheesy or weirdo weird, but hey! I've always loved your posts, so keep writing!

    1. Aww. I do get it.
      No, I don't find it weird at all. (:
      So glad you dropped by. Thank you so much, Akriti! <3