Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Connecting Hills

one step at a time, don't look down.
let this moment pass, like how the days did when I waited for this one to arrive.

a head of me lied a group of parallel lines intersected to each of their kind positioned in 90 degrees. They formed a straight path that connected the floor I was landing on to a hill. It appears as an usual bridge.

I was right there observing the not-fancy-bridge,
widening my eyes to get a better shot.

I just kept staring at the moment,
for a few seconds, or maybe milliseconds.

. . .

the tiny stare that weighted tons,
the cold feeling even after wearing chunks of cloths,
the blowing wind that messed up my hair. 

There exists a world where I don't remember anything from that moment. But like the lines, these moments are intersected to this photograph that rewinds the scenes all over. And one can easily achieve those parallel memories (doesn't even require you to calculate its slope ... wow!). 

when I take a look at this picture, it doesn't remind me of the longest bridge. 
it doesn't make me remember the swift river flowing below.
what it joins me to is the connection.
a connection, I leave unseen.

It makes me realize that I have been staring at the connections all my life. The routes that joins me to two different hills lie right in front of me, and I've been treating them like a science experiment. 

It makes me question, for what am I waiting there? What do I want to know more? Why do I need to be more careful?

Assuming Hills as the different points in our lives, I've come to answer myself for wondering all those times why I didn't reach to a point is because I never walked on its bridge. I didn't realize the connection, or maybe I'm not being completely honest; I chose to observe more. And it was too late // roughly explains why I'm always late.

It took me years to realize why I have been missing out things. And I don't think I want to do that again. 

So the next time I see a bridge connecting the floor I'm landing to some point faraway, I'm not going to take a step at a time. I don't want to ignore the vigorous river flowing below. I don't want to close my eyes and wait for this moment to pass; I have enjoyed too much of it.

It's time I be more courageous to accept that the same bridge is being used to reach the other part of the hills by many. And there is nothing wrong with them. I need to constantly remind myself that this is a part of growth and I need to learn to forgive myself for screwing things.

If I want to travel through the hills, I have to learn to let go the one I'm living in. I got to run but not from my fears anymore.

I need to connect the hills,
I have to connect my hills,
I will connect them hills.


I hope this gives you strength if you're trying to connect your hills!

love & hugs,
yours truly.

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