Sunday, December 31, 2017

measuring the year | The 2017

I still remember the time when my classmates and I were reading about instruments and units used to measure physical quantities. Those six-graders were a bit disappointed when told we couldn't measure certain things in life. Sixth graders or not maybe a lot of us might be excited to measure things that aren't possible to. And so was I. But little did I know, sometimes, I would want such measurements to exist so bad.

And this is exactly that time of the year when I feel like it.

365 doesn't sound a huge number when it's the amount of money you carry in your purse. But when the same amount is measured in days, it feels so heavy and impossible to remember how each of those days passed by. At this point, I don't even remember how it was like to be the person I was at 1st January 2017. SO many things have transformed since then that I can't even recall each of them instantly. And the ones I remember feels like it happened a long time ago.

And at this moment, what matters the most is what is happening right now. 

Sometimes I wish I could get a quantitative report of how my year was at the end. Because we've been so accustomed to such culture of getting report cards, I find myself asking for it at unusual scenarios. But they don't exist when we actually need them for things that make a huge difference in our lives.

For now, I don't know how many of you are reading this, relating to this, or even just scrolling through this but all I know for now is that I had to post this right now: to clear my mind before a fresh beginning, and to make sure I post something at the end of this year // Woo!

As for my new year's resolution, I think I make resolutions every single day yet I manage to pull off only a few of them. So maybe for me, this is all about trying hard to meet my daily resolutions and not stressing much on them.

Before this ends, let me share you my desperate attempt to measure this year, cause why not? And hope you'll join me.

On a scale of 1-10:

How adventurous will it sound if I tell you I didn't care about screwing things and ended up doing stuff for a simple reason of just wanting to do it?

How cheesy will it sound if I tell you I miss your hugs more than I miss my sweater on chilly days?

How boring will it sound if I tell you this was the year I finally got to complete my Goodreads book-reading goals?

... so maybe we can measure some bits of it after all. Have fun measuring yours if you do! (:

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ,  2 0 1 8  !
Here's to more emotions to experience,
surprising ventures to drift in,
and being more of ourselves,
even if things end up wrong.

Because lately, I've come to realize that there's no right or wrong things to do in life if done your way. It's all in your head.

sending you love, light, & hugs,


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The 2017 was initially started to share journaling experience. Due to late & untimely posting schedules of the author, the series is currently based on stories that took place in the time period of 2017. Let's not call them stories. Actually, they are some glimpses of how happy or *some other emotional adjective* the author's year has been so far. So it's like a journal kind of thing but not exactly that. *phew* Explaining this is harder than the lazy author thought it would.

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