Tuesday, November 7, 2017

your tunes.

If I have to begin by where and when we first met, I'll have to apologize because I can't recall when we did.

I was too young when we got to know each other. Since then you're always on my mind and on my lips as I hum your tunes. I was shy; maybe I still am in certain situations. The rhythms of my heart beating get faster when my friends ask me to sing you.

I know that was the moment I fell for you when I let myself echo your tunes, pause my lungs from breathing, and fill the empty room with just our voices.

During the load shedding days, when we didn't own an inverter, you would be right there circling my ears. I would get up, you would hold my hand, and then, it would be the living room we would be circling with our dance steps. One step per beat; your tune; forming shadows on the wall opposite to the candle igniting.

time can get strange and pause our feelings. 
It did the same for me.

moments transform into memories.
It did the same for me.

I don't know what is more painful: Admitting I replaced you with other things that came up the way or not realizing what we could have been together.

I can recall the moment we crossed our paths again. I was in the 9th grade when you waved a gentle "Hi!" at me. And when you smiled, I knew you weren't just on my mind but were fully occupied in the room. My teacher, holding a guitar, was strumming the most beautiful versions of you. My friends, practicing the basic notes that you like to label yourself with.

I took a sit by a corner & placed my hands on the guitar.
You were all set to be created.
I was all set to restart the story. 

And I know that was the moment I fell for you, again, as I gently freed my fingers down the strings and closed my eyes when you let me hear your voice.



This writing was inspired by Jhimikka's 4th Writer's Meetup at Yala Mandala. The prompt was: Your last crush / Heartbreak. I was already an hour late and this is what crossed my mind. And I have heavily edited it here from what it was before.

Jhimikka is a community of passionate writers. They organize such meetups to enhance writing skills and to connect authors. If you're interested, stay tuned on their facebook page to get information on exclusive events. And I hope to see you there next time! ^^

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