Wednesday, November 15, 2017


warmer than the sunlight every morning, 
yellow is what I try to be.

you like to call me digital and I know that's who I am.

you can see me through this rectangular box of pixels, and when you tap me with your fingers, I can't answer your knocks. you like to pinch your fingers and zoom me to the level you can. I can't feel the pain but I can sense that you're staring at me, looking at my details, thinking how they seem, debating how they are.

sometimes all I want to think is how warm the light outside these curtains is.

positivity, zeal, & warmth

I seek the primary potentials of painting myself yellow. Surviving a disaster takes a better prevention. There have been numerous attempts to radiate the qualities. It might take a time span of breaking and bending myself to reach to the primary. But once I'm there, things are clear // like the glowing skin we get after using turmeric products. 

as the blood running down my veins,
red is what I try to be in the globe of CMYK,
and it's the magenta I'm dipped in.

ever since I got printed out to this world,
the blue and green receptors of my eyes fail to function.
and I'm heavily blinded by the rays of red.

love, anger, & brave

feeling the chills of being daunting,
feels like a fresh beginning before I walked this far,
heart as strong as it was before all those aches,
angry as ever for tiny reasons that ended up teaching the valuable lessons.

when I see clear skies during my gloomy days,
blue is what I try to be.

peaceful, calm, & reliable

maintaining my neutrality during the crisis,
the air I take in tells me I'm the person unaware of the darks this world has shaded harder,
it feels like I'm reliving the sketch you drew of me last summer,
where I was staring at the sunset going down with my eyes closed taking deep breaths,
and back when my mother said, "little children never lie"

* * *

drawing inspirations from the primary pigments of the color chart.

there are times when I find myself enclosed in this colorful world.

sometimes I feel like going back to basics of being a primary version of myself.

that's when I feel like decolorizing myself from the secondary and tertiary colors.

a fresh start back to where we begin,
before when we were not living two lives,
spraying perfume of throwbacks of the time we relished the most.

times when I constantly want to remind myself,
I'm more than an RGB girl trapped in the world of pixels,
 and when I'm living the life of being printed out to the real world,
I'm perplexed about my identity.

And that's when I need to get back to the basics,
back to the primary color chart,
back to when colors for me were just three tiny crayons.


starring my sister: Tapaswi Malla


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n o t i o n s 

welcome to the series of my wandering thoughts. 

here, I'll take you on the ride to the land where I frequently pay a visit. 

the weather here is usually showering with ideas and learnings.

and when there is a clear sky, there's the breeze that takes me to various places.

thank you for coming to my land.

and I hope to visit yours too.

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  1. This is great work of creativity and passion. Hope to read more.

  2. Awesome! (Using only one word because, I did not have enough vocabulary to describe how proud a reader/viewer I am)

    1. Aww. Thank you so much, Jenish dai! It's because of you that I get encouraged to write more. Thank you so much! ^^