Sunday, November 26, 2017

escaping with doodles | art journal

swirls & geometrics,

interlocked together.

forming maps of unimaginable,
abstract paragraphs,
and visuals from the randomness.

As the result of watching popular 90s shows, I was also enticed by the idea of building Treehouse in the backyard during that age. I still remember my friend, Kiran, and I experimenting various plans of ours to construct a treehouse. We didn't have a tree huge enough as per our requirements neither did we had adequate space in the backyard to plant one. But we were so hopeful and would dig mini holes to sow the seeds of oranges we had every winter. 

As I picture it, I find it funny and some-adjective-that-feels-really-good. Playing the vintage memory of us attempting every possible method to make it happen always end up leaving a warm smile on my dried lips, even now. 

All I needed was a place to escape from my daily routines. And I thought that having a room made of branches could make all the difference.  

As I grew apart from the childhood adventures, I happened to stumble upon a parallel world, which I had no idea of before. It felt like I was sitting on the first bench of my usual-school-lectures but as soon as I get to hold the pencil of mine, I was not there anymore. 

It was when I first hand-shake-ed the swirly pattern on my notebook. And when I did, it grabbed my hand and took me away with it.

miles & miles away.

For a second, it felt like the escape I wanted to make was right within myself. All these years, I was in search of a space assuming it could be a place. But I was naive.

Escaping wasn't about running away from where I was.

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