Monday, October 23, 2017

absence | The 2017

black is the absence of color.
purple is the absence of green.

like how colors transform themselves in the absence or when only a tiny amount of other hue is present, I feel like people tend to do the same. A thing, person, place, or simply anything that matters can reflect someone when they are not there. This is so weird, isn't it?

I always felt like it depends upon ourselves when it comes to things such as moving on from entities we've lost but now, I've come to experience that it depends upon everything. So many possibilities and it just brings back to how everything is connected. 

things have paced & I feel like I've been left behind. I don't know by whom or how but it just feels like I have. 

when something or someone is not where they were before, it's obvious to feel empty. But I've been thinking that there occurs a certain change in the color of ourselves like a particular tint has just shifted its value. 

this year has filled my days with goodbyes, not necessarily permanent ones but has definitely dug a shallow hole in my heart somewhere. From changing some of my hobbies to having bid farewell to a set of amazing people I know, this year has also gathered a lot of adjustments that don't feel so right. I understand that things take time and patience but I can't ignore the color that has been changing within myself. 

before, goodbyes felt like they were for just few weeks away of distance but now, it has been replaced with miles and large time units. And that feels weird.

Imagining each one of us at a color scale, I can sense that we're trying to figure out our numerical values of Hue, Saturation, and Light. Colors seem to be within ourselves and I feel like they determine our emotional appearance. 

this absence has made me experience color transitions within myself & although it feels weird, it feels good in a certain way I can't describe. Maybe this is a stage to prepare ourselves to enter the gateway of awaiting episodes. I'm scared and lost and everything that makes me feel twisted but maybe this is the end of the last color I had inside of myself & a beginning of a new splash.

& if you can relate to this, let me tell you, this is going to be not just fine but super fun.

I'm thrilled to differ my color values and experience saturation in a new tone.

so let me just leave this here, where we're all trying to paint our inner selves with colors that we're still searching for.


special thanks to Regan for editing an extra "S" on the picture. 
- Yep, I missed the recurring "S" in the miss. 

also thanks to Kiran & Tapaswi for helping me out and finally being kind enough to take my pictures as well. ( That sarcasm is for my dear sister! )

& as always, Thank you so much for reading! (:

| about the series |

The 2017 was initially started to share journaling experience. Due to late & untimely posting schedules of the author, the series is currently based on stories that took place in the time period of 2017. Let's not call them stories. Actually, they are some glimpses of how happy or *some other emotional adjective* the author's year has been so far. So it's like a journal kind of thing but not exactly that. *phew* Explaining this is harder than the lazy author thought it would.

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