Friday, July 21, 2017

self-date | The 2017

20th July '17

Did I just get out on a self-date?

I'm usually all by myself. And if I could count that, I'm always on a self-date. But today's story is a bit different. I felt like I was treating myself right and had an amazing time alone. I'm definitely not someone who likes to be all by myself but if I don't happen to spend some time by myself, I think I go crazy for some reasons. Lastly, answering my self-question, YES, I went out on a self-date!

Before I move further and explain how it went ( hopefully you're hooked up for this! xD ), let me catch you up with how I got there. Starting by stating the obvious, I was having a I-don't-feel-like-staying-at-home-day. That usually happens, in my case, when I'm kind of stressed out. I was having a super happy day until the evening. While it stopped raining outside, my mind experienced a batch of the downpour. And that was when I knew, I HAVE to go out.

 I quickly grabbed my essentials (by that, obviously my portable stationary xD ) and I was off.

With each passing step, I realized I had nowhere to go. My steps lead me to a nearby temple. I thought it would be cool to sit there and doodle. But I was wrong, it was fun to be alone for few minutes but then some people started to come around and I had to leave the place.

Hopeless about my sudden self-wandering-plan, I skimmed through my contacts thinking about catching up with some of them. But I wasn't lucky (Booo!). And you won't be able to make a guess about what happened next. Let me do the honor of sharing that to you. *drum rolls* I happened to notice a couple who turned out to be my friends. If it were any other day, I might have excitedly greeted them. But I didn't feel like interfering & was not in the mood to get too social.

The good thing about their sudden appearance is that it gave the piece I wanted to fit in my puzzled mind; making me think, "why not go out for a self-drink-treat?"

Tadaaa! And then the next few minutes, I could picture myself sitting alone in a cafe (this should not sound depressing).

The view outside. // behold ... all the pics on this post are noisy due to low light and my old-yet-best phone. 

I placed an order and got myself comfortable. 

"One, twenty-one guns
lay down your arms
give up the fight... "

Few minutes, and I was already in love with the playlist. I got a bit nostalgic listening to the songs; felt like I was reliving an older version of myself. To live the present moment, I took out my notebooks and started playing with them. 

And that definitely brightened up my mood. ( Sooo romantic, right? xD )

companions \\ yayyy!

I'm amazed by how doodling can help someone overcome their stress or any other negative emotions. It has always been calming me even if it makes no sense what has been formed in the end. And it's always so fun to experiment with random shapes.

 I worked on a doodle and a draft (for this post).

My mind was tied with knots of various thoughts. With the pace of my pen, one by one, they started to untie themselves. That helped me set my mind free. 
finished doodle |  notebook by Bhav products

I left my sketch pens at home. But the ones I had were good enough to doodle without ruining the paper quality. Thought I'd  play with the black and blue as it had been a long time since I last did that (probably). But they got a bit dirty.

The doodle didn't turn out good. If it was any other day, I would have worked on the other one but at that moment, that wasn't what I was concerned about. I was happy and I could just feel it.

initial draft | notebook by Miniso

I thought I'd note down some things too. And noting some minor details about the moment was definitely a go!

Let me admit, I did feel a bit weird at first. But with each passing second, I started enjoying the unusual situation I was in. I was having a new experience so from the inside I was like *Yayyy!* but tried my best to act normally on the outside. But I couldn't suppress my excitement and quickly texted to the friend who got back to me at that moment ( remember when I said skimmed through my contacts? ).

Sometimes, I feel like I spend so much time rushing to meet people; making sure I don't miss out on them and accidentally mix different plans (which my friends dislike to their extremities, me too). I realized that was just me trying to connect wrong ends at unsuitable timing and just tiring myself to do things that I wasn't enjoying from the within.

As humans, we do feel like hanging out in order to socialize. But I've come to realize that no matter how social one is if they're not social with themselves, there's no point in bonding with other creatures.

done drinking!
*Ahem* I might sound a bit insane blogging about talking to myself or a plant or taking myself out on a date, probably some parents would even restrict their children to visit my blog.

But the whole point of this story is not to become a maniac who talks to themselves. It's about accepting yourself, treating yourself sometimes cause you deserve that. You're your best-est friend even if your best friend might get jealous about this.

Sometimes being alone and trying to figure out what would you enjoy doing can actually open up a special door. And it wouldn't hurt if you gift yourself once in a while.

When was the last time you gifted yourself?

Next time, if you had always thought about tasting those muffins down the bakery, I'd say you get those. You deserve that happiness. 

Take care.
Hope to find you here again! 

PS I don't own the gorgeous watercolor flower graphics. The credit goes to: <a href="">Wedding vector created by Freepik</a>

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