Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Your Hands

Those tiny spaces between our hands are now measured in miles.

I still remember the last nail polish you wore. But those pastel blue won't hit my memory anymore after I get a fork to have my dinner alone. And trust me, I had never felt so quiet in years; could even hear the water dripping from the tap.

For few days, I will be making coffee for two people. Not just because I'm used to making one for you.

Cause guess what?

I found your coffee-brown nail polish and decided to wear it on my left hand just to pretend it's you sipping caffeine next to me. Well, it turns out I can still get a bit dramatic even without you.

But I hope I'll find your nail polish too because the color looks horrifyingly ugly on me. And also because my coworkers have been staring at them.

The last time I had a panic attack, I remember, you were there to hold my hands. But now, I'm blindly staring at your Instagram picture and envying those flowers you're holding.

Before you disappeared in the airport, I told you I'll miss you. But I guess I was wrong.

I miss your hands. Your hands were the ones who hold me close to you whenever you hugged me to share our heart beats. And I know that those hands will be the ones to wipe your tears when you'll miss me.

So I don't know if I can list up to 13 reasons to miss your hands but the ones I remember, add up to love those pairs forever.


Shoutout to Suwekshya Shrestha (Suweeeiii) for featuring her hand in two pictures. If you can guess those two pictures nothing might happen for sure.

Thank you for reading!


| about the series |


Ever since a kid, I always thought my mother owned a magic pencil and knew how to give life to the tales she recited. Before I was aware of the cartoons, there were characters from my mother's stories that played a vital role in my childhood. 

Those tiny glimpses of past held together to constantly push me to jump off the cliff, and believe that there are endless possibilities of surviving that crazy jump. When I realized the magic of those tales, I couldn't wait to create my own characters and bring them to life. 

I wanted readers to experience a blend of emotions along this fictional journey. And I do my optimum to make this happen. 

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you'll enjoy this series.

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