Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The 2017: A New Friend

Dear Reader, 

I hope this finds you in peace. 

Thank you for visiting me regardless my untimely posting schedules!

~ you can skip this explanation if you get bored ~ 

I realize that I'm pretty late for this post on this series. Actually, I was confused whether to continue this series or not. So I thought about spicing up a bit as this was supposed to be my journaling/planning post series and I had failed to do that on my first post miserably. 

I realized I was just listing out summaries of what I did the past month in my last post on this series. So I thought about giving an insight of my planning methods and how effective have they been so far. 

However, after working on it, I found it a bit boring and thought to keep my plans personal. But I might post about how I plan and stuff on some other posts someday (Though I can't be punctual about posting on a monthly basis.) 

So for this series, I thought about posting things that help me stay happy-hydrated this year. 

~ explanation over! Yayyyy! ~

I hope you'll find it refreshing as much as I did. Also, I promise, there won't be such letters before the post. 

With love,

My grandmother always used to tell me that plants are magical creatures and if you plant them inside your house (or room) they can share their powers with you. As much as it sounded like a fairy tale to me, the younger version of myself was fascinated to have a tiny friend. However, I felt I wasn't responsible enough to take care of a living being all by myself and the idea of keeping a friend faded away.

So why am I writing about this now? And on this particular series?

Well ... 

Turns out the idea never faded. In fact, the time made me travel in a circular path and made me fall in love with the childish idea all over again. (I hope this didn't sound like movies. *oops!*) 

This all started when I realized I was missing bunch of memories and the good old social life during the school days. I was going through some of my worst days and the absence of a silly joke that a friend would have made added more sentimental vibes in my life. 

I do get that we have the internet these days to catch up with friends. But that's still not convenient enough to share hugs! *cries*   

Apart from that, I felt like I wasn't being "social" enough on the internet so I decided to have a company to share my space with. It's obvious that I may look like a fool if I start talking to a plant. But to be honest, I think I don't really care. 

( Actually I do, a bit ... )


So the thought of having a plant isn't enough to have one. Having realized this truth, I dug the tea-mug I brought home from ZY which I had kept hidden from this world. (evil laugh)

With some help of blue and white acrylic paint, I colored the mug and pasted some sea shells with a hot glue gun. 

And Tadaaaa ... the vase is ready!


Baba helped me out choose the plant and place it safely on the vase. That was really kind of him and super handy for me. If you're reading this, Thank you so much, Baba!

 I wanted to place a seed and see the growth but I couldn't really find some seeds except for the gram seeds and 8 others.


Yayyyy! I thought about being gender neutral and vouched for the name "Ray" for my plant. (That was when my siblings signaled each other about me being mentally ill ... nice try kids, nice try!)

Well, this is it for this post. I hope you had fun meeting a new friend of mine. 

Ray has been an important character in my daily life and one of my favorite things to do at home is to baby-sit it. Well, nevertheless, Ray helps me cope up (a bit) with stress, anxiety and too much of negativity. 

Thanks for reading! See you soon.  

"Bye, reader!" - Ray


| about the series |

The 2017 was initially started to share journaling experience. Due to late & untimely posting schedules of the author, the series is currently based on stories that took place in the time period of 2017. Let's not call them stories. Actually, they are some glimpses of how happy or *some other emotional adjective* the author's year has been so far. So it's like a journal kind of thing but not exactly that. *phew* Explaining this is harder than the lazy author thought it would.

read more on the series at: The 2017

Well, I hope that helped. If you have any of your doubts unanswered, then ask them below! :)