Tuesday, February 28, 2017

˗ˏˋ JAN '17: new beginning ˎˊ˗

n e w      b e g i n n i n g

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… 
not going all the way, and not starting."  

Dear reader, 

It's great to have your amazing aura here!

I'm thrilled to announce this monthly blog series. Just to give you an insight of it, let's hear my long-story-short story of it: 

So I had been denying to get a planner since like ... 2 years! One of the main reasons for me to not get a planner was because it somehow reminded me of the great school diary I had all these years. 

2017 weekly planner | bhav products* 

Oh, wait! Almost everyone had a school diary. So if you can relate, I bet you can tell how "useful" they were. 

As much as I disliked the idea of school-diary-stuff, I was horrible at scheduling myself... ahem, I still am. 

I know it was annoying to read "New year, new me" posts just a month ago. But I kind of followed the same pattern to design and structure myself, this year. 

I got myself a 2017 Bhav Planner! Since I'm planning for the first time, I thought about sharing and learning through a new blog series called THE 2017. And this is exactly what you're reading now! ツ

Hoping you'll enjoy this series as much as I did creating,

Best regards,

 JANUARY 2017 begin with bumpy rides and by bumpy rides, I mean ...

Oh, wait! Let's not get there directly.

I thought about labeling the year and the months with certain themes. ( You can call it my desperate attempt to be a bit organized! )

For the year, I went with, Be productive, not busy.
And for this month, as you can read in the title, it's: New Beginning!

Now that I've covered the "crucial" information, let's rush to the parts that completed my January.

TARANGA:  art exhibition 

I love to visit Museums, Art Galleries, or anywhere aesthetically pleasing. If you can relate, here's a *virtual high five* if not and you're still here, Thanks and please bear with me for the time being!

Taranga was an art exhibition held at Newa Chen, Patan by a group of artists this early January. The paintings were so mesmerizing and thought-provoking.

Mr Sanjeet Maharjan, one of the artists there, is my teacher and it was such an inspiring moment for me to be present there and envision his artworks.


ROAD TRIP: hometown!

It was a sudden plan and the next moment, I was packing up my essentials.

I have always loved the idea of travelling, especially roadways. Looking at the younger version of myself, I can still feel those goosebumps and scary thoughts I used to have while travelling the wavy roads outside Kathmandu valley.

But as strange as it sounds now, I'm fond of those turns and twists. It's like a new adventure. And when you additionally have your favourite playlist playing on, why would you miss the busy life that you just left behind?

So my family & I spent a week visiting the rest of our family members. Although it had a short span, it still counts as my favourite trips this year ( Oh, it's the only one I had so far ... )

WEDDING season.

As soon as we got home, we had stacks of wedding invitations. Maybe a lot of you can relate to this.

I couldn't attend all of them but I sure had fun reuniting with cousins where I had a visit.

Here I have enclosed some pictures that my cousin uploaded of her wedding. 

Unfortunately, both of them are from the same event. I don't really take pictures so I guess I have to admit that I got a bit lucky to have post these here xD

Yatri 2.0 : photo exhibition

I was anticipating walls full of photographs but it was much more than that when I first entered Bikalpa Art Center. 

Yatri (Traveler) 2.0 was a photo exhibition hosted by a group of young artists to collect funds for cataract surgeries. 

I absolutely loved how the photographs had their own stories, poems and even a blurred format of them depicting the vision of cataract patients.

Having my teacher, Mr. Kaushal Raj Sapkota, as one of the artists there, I swear, it was one of the most inspiring moment a student could ever experience.  

Something n e w:

Oh, this part is crucial. Cause if it weren't for this, I would be looking at my planner and laughing so hard on everything, especially at the so called "theme" of the month, I made.

So yayy this is something I started this January!

Finally, here's my productivity tracker. You can clearly see how messed up I am.

So how was your January 2017? Share with me down below, I'd love to read! ツ

Thanks for being here to bid goodbye together  ツ

A R R I V E D E R C I !

*This post is, unfortunately, not sponsored.


| about the series |

The 2017 was initially started to share journaling experience. Due to late & untimely posting schedules of the author, the series is currently based on stories that took place in the time period of 2017. Let's not call them stories. Actually, they are some glimpses of how happy or *some other emotional adjective* the author's year has been so far. So it's like a journal kind of thing but not exactly that. *phew* Explaining this is harder than the lazy author thought it would.

read more on the series at: The 2017

Well, I hope that helped. If you have any of your doubts unanswered, then ask them below! (:


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