Saturday, October 8, 2016

Miles Together

1st October 2016

I was at the middle of the parking lot, in the middle of the night, staring at the lock screen of my phone.

12:24, She's late. Recalling our old memories, with a chuckle, I added a word to my thought, Again.

Not long after my eyes got a bit teary for gazing at the street lamp, they could see someone running towards my direction.

Untamed hair bewildering in the opposite direction, a familiar maniac smile; carrying a pair of sneakers, those bare foots came to halt in front of me. Kneeling down at her tired knees, breathing heavily, her maniac smile turned into a loud laughter joining mine as she looked at my annoyed face.

"What took you so long?" I asked after gobbling up our laughs.

She hesitated at first. Responding to my poker face, like a seven-year-old, she took out a small box from her mini side bag. It was a handmade explosion box containing enormous memories of ours. My eyes shifted towards a remaining empty space. Had read my questioning pupils, she took out her white polaroid camera and childishly smiled at me. "For today," she said.

"Well, we should get going now. She must be waiting for us, else you'll be dead for never being punctual, not even today." she added, unlocking a door of our rented car.

"But it's you who's late today," I complained starting the engines.

"It's today. But we all know who never makes it on time," she laughed.

I knew this was coming. Rolling my eyes, I said, "Never mind. We can still make up to 1:30 at her house."

There was a sudden awkward silence. Colorful throwbacks of us laughing were all over my mind and I could sense she had those playing too. To diverge those visions, I turned the radio on.

And trust me, I partially regretted doing that. Oh wait, I didn't. But I sure was stupid for expecting a relatable song to play; forgot life isn't a movie.

I was unaware about the speakers adjusted at their maximum sound capacity.

(Om jay jagadisha harey,..)

"Turn this off!" She cried, covering her ears with her palms. (Swami jay jagadisha harey...) I was loosing the control.

"Where is the button?" I cried back. (Bhakta jano ke shankat...)

It was too late for us to turn it off. I had abruptly pressed the breaks and collided to a near by tree on the left hand side.

Whilst everything was sound asleep, there it played, (Shand mein durr kare... Om jay jagadisha harey...)

We exchanged unidentifiable looks.

"Isn't it too early to play Bhajhans?" She cracked.

We both ended up bursting with laughter.

"We're dead now," I said, checking the number of missed calls I had received.

"I guess we're lucky to have collided here, look, she's right there," she said pointing at a familiar figure approaching us.
Humming soft notes, which we could still hear regardless the banjhan having jammed our ear drums, fashionably early wearing a plain white top pairing with her favorite ripped jeans, adjusting the shiny choker on her neck, she crossed the empty road to get towards us.
"Dad would have woken up if I had stayed a minute more. I thought I could catch you up after walking for few minutes and I tried calling you both but seems like people were busy being religious at 2 in the morning," she said, "Anyways, are you guys fine?"


And our laughter echoed the roadway.

On the right side of us lied the journey we were looking for. Few miles ahead awaited the glorious Sun to paint the sky. Our plan had us riding the car to the sunrise but life had different plans for us. Seeking out from our houses, we could have done tons of amazing things, but we chose to watch the infinity rise, together.

We were about to add one more sunrise to those hundreds of them we had welcomed sleeping in bed. But the one ahead of us was different, we were about to paint the canvas of our eyes with its saturated pigment, together.

One more day, we had, before we departed separate miles. And one more space we had on our explosion box to paste the last polaroid of us, together.

 This wasn't the end, we knew for sure. It was the beginning of a sequel of our life adventures. We closed this book, excitedly awaiting more miles to walk run together!

Warm heartedly dedicated to the ones who could recognize their vague descriptions and to all the girl-friends of mine. Thanks for your promise-keeping companies! <3


| about the series |


Ever since a kid, I always thought my mother owned a magic pencil and knew how to give life to the tales she recited. Before I was aware of the cartoons, there were characters from my mother's stories that played a vital role in my childhood. 

Those tiny glimpses of past held together to constantly push me to jump off the cliff, and believe that there are endless possibilities of surviving that crazy jump. When I realized the magic of those tales, I couldn't wait to create my own characters and bring them to life. 

I wanted readers to experience a blend of emotions along this fictional journey. And I do my optimum to make this happen. 

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you'll enjoy this series.

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  1. Really sweet and simple😊😊

  2. close to heart . maybe the ones we pictured in our minds were different, but the love is all the same!
    great piece abani! <3

  3. Seems like you weren't out of my imagination as a narrator.
    BRAVO DIDI��������

  4. Woooooow, Abani! That was amazing!

  5. Half past mid night and i want to capture stars and run around singing "girls just wanna have fun" with my girl-friends.

    1. Haha great! Do catch some stars for me too. :D