Friday, April 15, 2016


I wonder how is it like to see the same world that I see but through your vision.
To see those same smiling faces, how much I dream, in your way not mine, not mine.
To admire how everyone’s hair, eyes, skin vary.
But all I see are different shades of grey.

I wonder how it like is to stare the same nature through my friend’s vision.
She says the sunset looks beautiful as the color varies everyday.
Sometimes, she says it’s
yellow; orange; or even lilac.
But all of them are shades of grey for me.

I wonder how it is like to watch fireworks through my brother’s vision.
When we burst them up in Deepawali and he excitedly says how beautiful it looks.
When he notices me; claims that nothing is more than the glowing white moon.
But I know why he says that.

I wonder how it is like to admire roses through my husband’s vision.
He brings them up to me every morning, says they smell as beautiful as they seem.
He holds my hands and places one petal, claims that it is as red as his love for me.
But all I see is a petal colored darker shade of grey.

I wonder how it is like to figure out colors through my children’s vision.
They say they’ve colored a rainbow card for my birthday; all in shades of grey.
They think it’s my obsession ‘cause everything I own are grey.
But I was blessed to see everything grey and not aware were they.

I did wonder hours, how it is like to…
But maybe, just maybe, I was gifted to see beauty in different way.
So different that it just made me wonder how it is like to see in the normal light; everyday, every hour, every minute, and even every second till I lived,
Until I closed my eyelids, and that’s when I realized how colorful my life could have been,
If only I had realized earlier, how colorful it is to be colorless.


| about the series |


Ever since a kid, I always thought my mother owned a magic pencil and knew how to give life to the tales she recited. Before I was aware of the cartoons, there were characters from my mother's stories that played a vital role in my childhood. 

Those tiny glimpses of past held together to constantly push me to jump off the cliff, and believe that there are endless possibilities of surviving that crazy jump. When I realized the magic of those tales, I couldn't wait to create my own characters and bring them to life. 

I wanted readers to experience a blend of emotions along this fictional journey. And I do my optimum to make this happen. 

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you'll enjoy this series.

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