Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello, W I N T E R !

Hi readers!

(I had this post on my draft for a month, so do excuse the parts I mention about November.)

I know it's early for a "winter post" but I couldn't resist to post about the weather of cold. And of course, couldn't let the whole November get covered by "No-Shave-November" stuffs.
Winter, basically has always been my enemy and when it comes to getting up early in the morning to catch my school bus at 5:40 AM, which I used to miss frequently during summer, annoys me the most.
Well, if you're like me, you would easily know how that feels. And even if you're not, I bet many of us would dislike getting out of the cozy bed during winter mornings.

Apart from that, winter sounds so mean for our skin. Dry skin and crack lips, seriously Winter !?
It's like I'm in a relationship with the lip care and skin care products for the whole season.
And I'm mentioning this at the end of this list but is literally the most annoying thing about winter; Shower.
You would be like, "You can always take a hot shower, that's so relaxing."
But Dude, it's Winter, "Winter"! And it's cold as hell. No matter how hot your shower was, it makes you shiver more when you get out of it.

*Calming Down*

Though Winter is  not my season, I do have some things I love about it.
And I'm sharing those with you guys, so let's get started.

∞ The Perfect Coffee Season ∞

Throwback to that amazing day I spent with Kristina. PC- Kristina Pradhan
I'm not much a fan of "cold coffee" so I'm more like a "hot coffee" person. Either way, coffee is my favorite but I prefer hot coffee over the cold one. Though coffee makes our skin dry, I still love it. And yes, Winter is definitely fun if you are feeling warm and cozy. Thanks coffee, for that feeling! 

∞ The Sweater Weather ∞

Thanking the "LASKY" for gifting me this beautiful sweater. <3
Who loves Sweater ? If you do then I can feel how excited you're for the winter.
With all the love and warm hugs, Sweaters are your best friends this season.
Well, it's also cool to wear leather stuffs but my heart wants what it wants! xD

∞ Nature at its Best with the icy look 

Seasons are like makeup done by the mother nature. No matter which makeup she does, we tend to spend few minutes from our life to stare at her.
And if you're a nature admirer, like me, then you wouldn't want to miss this season.
Too bad, we don't have snowfalls here but we're lucky to not experience that frosting cold either.

I hope you liked this post, do let me know your views regarding the current season!
Hope you all have a wonderful winter!



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  1. And Hot mo:mo are always a medicine to our frost bitten soul :D
    Nicely written mate. You perfectly described what I feel about winter :)

  2. Skipping the words, you know the face I am making 😏

    1. Hahaha Sure thing!
      That Beautiful nasty face :3 xD