Sunday, September 27, 2015

I N S P I R A T I O N s

We are enticed by our dreams. We're chasing them to make them come true. But, you know it's not easy. We face challenges that want us to give up, problems that want us to not solve it and failures that never want us to try again.

And what happens? We give up? 
-No, we get even worse than that. We feel there is no energy left for us to pick ourselves.
We then start to look for something that'll push us upward, a reason to move and accept all those impossibilities.

As a kid or as a teenager or even at certain age, a lot of us look upon people who tend to change us positively. And we feel like our aspirations are secured just because those people are our inspirations.

But have we blindfolded ourselves well enough to unseen all the positive vibes around us?
In search of a real reason to live, we forget the tiny yet the most reasonable reasons to live for.
In search of happiness, we miss the glimpses that could have cheered us up even during our darkest hours.
And in search of an inspiration, we forget the most inspirational thing one can find; Ourselves.
You, I, Us. We hold the power to create the positive energy to surround ourselves and the ones around us.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and correct them. Cause you're the only teacher who can convince you to do something.
To be inspired, you don't need a particular person or a thing.
Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to keep your soul open to see it.
Nature out there is wild but you're wilder.
Tell and remind yourself that you can achieve your dreams.

A song, friend, thing, anything can inspire you. But the one who can actually make you move is YOU. Don't hide the dreamer, who craves to make it a reality someday, just trust yourself and stay independent. Cause only few souls will actually help you. Seek for truth not for help. You're strong and you can make it no matter what the world will call you.

~ लाइफ इज बियूटिफुल ~


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  1. Purai I N S P I R A T I O N A L post yaar :v (no sarcasm included)
    ~ लिइफ इज बियूटिफुल ~ indeed
    Go Abani! Go Abani!!!!

  2. nice post
    this post is also an inspiration

  3. Awesome blog ! Nice to see young talents stepping into the real world ! (y)