Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi, I'm Abani !

Sorry if this bores you, I'm bad at intros.
I love to engage myself because I'm too lazy.
I finally posted this article after 5 years, well though it's not "The Article" I should be posting but hey, I did post, okay ?

I'm a high school student.
Well, I was in the 7th grade when this blog was created but seems like I had to wait 5 more memorable years to post here.
I love taking pictures, not just selfies, and trying to put magic on them. Doodling is the only thing I prefer to do anytime. And the word, "Art" is my Inspiration, other half, and Love. 
Ohh, did I tell you how bad I'm at Sports but still love to play ?

Summing up my words, I'm just a normal girl who loves to dream big. 
I believe, you are reading this for a reason. We have different souls but our organs function the same. I greet you from my ventricles which also pumps the blood faster when I'm nervous.

Do feel comfortable to comment or share my posts. 
I'd really appreciate your effort of clicking those links.  
Enjoy your Ride.

 -Abani ღ