Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Eulogy to my Grandmother .


1996/03/17 - 2015/02/04

She was more than a Grandmother.
Moreover, She was my friend who never wanted to accept the fact that she bears grey hair. Someone who used to take a lot of time to dress well and would always say "No" if I ever asked her for a photograph. She was that sarcastic old lady who used to make me laugh at small things.

Being the first child of her father, She said she was surrounded by his love and even during her difficult times she used to remember him. She used to share her stories and her experiences and
would also read out the holy books for us. Me and my sister used to sleep with her and would spend the whole night laughing and watching her favorite TV shows. And the other day, we used to get scolded by our parents for being too noisy last night and were allowed to sleep there during weekends only.

Muwa was Stubborn like a kid. Her tastes for pickles were amazing. She was a very good cook and I even used to eat the veggies I didn't like, if she cooked them. And I must say, she was too emotional and even used to cry and pray for the actors of her favorite TV shows, if they ever get hurt. Once she got fever just because "Jodha" from "Jodha Akbar" got poisoned. And I used to tease her a lot for that.

But today, when I saw her body without her soul, I still can't believe that those days are gone Forever. tears that used to flow out of laughter turned out to flow due to sorrow. Now, there won't be anyone to answer me if I say your name. I know, I've just lost a family member but the pain feels like I've lost a part of my soul. And no one can replace that.

I hope you'll Relax In Paradise and from somewhere, read this. And I'm sorry; I couldn't tell you how much I loved you when you were here. But I hope you'll get my messages cause I know you're everywhere. ❤️

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